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Bronze Tier: Core Pelvic Insights

Embark on your pelvic health journey with the Bronze Tier, your gateway to foundational knowledge and resources. This level is perfect for those beginning or furthering their journey towards pelvic empowerment.

– Exclusive Content Access: Unlock a curated selection of blogs and video blogs diving deep into the essentials of pelvic health. This content offers both foundational knowledge and the latest in wellness practices.
– Community Engagement: Join our private Facebook group to connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Share experiences and discover new perspectives on pelvic wellness together.
– Curated Wellness Resources: Access select workouts and specialised content designed to enhance your pelvic health and overall well-being. This tier sets the stage for a transformative journey.

Ideal for those looking to establish their knowledge in pelvic health, providing the necessary tools and support to begin this transformative journey.

Silver Tier: Enhanced Pelvic Pathways

The Silver Tier offers an accelerated journey into pelvic health, building on the Bronze foundations with richer content, deeper discounts, and personalised guidance. It fosters a closer understanding and practice of pelvic health.

– Extended Exclusive Content: Beyond the Bronze offerings, gain access to advanced tutorials and specialised video content. These resources push the boundaries of what you know about pelvic health.
– Increased Savings: Enjoy even greater discounts on our acclaimed jade eggs and insightful publications. These are essential tools for advancing your pelvic wellness journey.
– Direct Q&A with Lara: Have questions or seeking guidance? As a Silver Tier member, you receive personalised responses from Lara, ensuring your queries about pelvic health are met with expert advice.

Designed for those ready to deepen their engagement and understanding, the Silver Tier provides a richer, more connected experience in pelvic health.

 Gold Tier: Ultimate Pelvic Mastery

The Gold Tier represents the zenith of pelvic health mastery, offering an unparalleled suite of benefits, personal access, and resources. It is tailored for those who demand the deepest knowledge and most profound experiences in pelvic wellness.

– Comprehensive Content Library: Access an expansive range of video content, including the latest insights and highest practices in pelvic health. This ensures your mastery remains at the forefront.
– Exclusive 20% Discounts: Benefit from exclusive, top-tier discounts on all items, including the newest in jade eggs and educational materials, enhancing your investment in pelvic health.
– Priority Content Access: Be the first to access new blogs, videos, and practices, keeping you ahead in your journey towards pelvic enlightenment.
– Unlimited Q&A with Lara: Gold Tier patrons enjoy unlimited access to Lara for personalised advice and insights, ensuring your pelvic health questions are given priority.
– Complimentary Copy of “The Jade Egg”: Receive a complimentary copy of “The Jade Egg” book, a fundamental resource for deepening your practice and understanding in pelvic health.

For those dedicated to achieving and maintaining peak pelvic health, the Gold Tier offers unmatched access to expertise, resources, and personalised guidance, solidifying your place at the pinnacle of pelvic wellness.