Rose Quartz Vaginal Egg Trio


Explore the transformative power of our Rose Quartz Vaginal Egg Trio, designed for enhancing pelvic strength and emotional balance – a perfect blend of ancient wisdom and modern wellness for today’s empowered woman.

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Rose Quartz Vaginal Egg Trio: Enhancing Feminine Vitality and Emotional Balance

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Presenting our exquisite Rose Quartz Vaginal Egg Trio, now available for only $77 at This set is a harmonious blend of ancient gemstone wisdom and modern wellness techniques, crafted to empower the contemporary woman’s journey towards pelvic strength and emotional harmony.

Rose Quartz, esteemed throughout history from ancient Greek to Egyptian civilisations, is celebrated as the Stone of Love. Each egg in this trio encapsulates this heritage, radiating with nurturing pink hues that symbolise love, healing, and emotional connection. Beyond their beauty, these eggs are tools for profound physical and emotional transformation.


  • Pelvic Floor Empowerment: Regular engagement with these Rose Quartz eggs is key to fortifying pelvic floor muscles, essential for reversing incontinence, averting pelvic organ prolapse, and enhancing overall muscular control.
  • Emotional Healing: Deeply connected to the heart chakra, these eggs facilitate emotional healing, fostering an atmosphere of inner peace, self-compassion, and balanced emotional states.
  • Energising Creativity and Intimacy: Known for stimulating sexual and creative energies, Rose Quartz enhances both intimate and creative endeavours, enriching one’s personal and artistic life.
  • Confidence and Self-Awareness: Their use in daily routines can lead to increased self-awareness and confidence, mirroring the stone’s qualities of promoting self-love and worth.

This trio is an ideal blend of timeless crystal healing wisdom and contemporary health understanding, perfect for those seeking to harmonise their physical and emotional wellbeing. The Rose Quartz Vaginal Egg Trio offers more than physical rejuvenation; it’s a catalyst for emotional and creative awakening.

Each egg stands as a testament to the power of combining traditional practices with modern insights into health and wellbeing. As you incorporate them into your wellness routine, they become invaluable companions on your path to a balanced, empowered self.

Discover the holistic benefits of the Rose Quartz Vaginal Egg Trio at Embrace this age-old practice and embark on a journey towards physical strength, emotional equilibrium, and profound self-empowerment.


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