Yin-Yang Balance – Empress Nephrite Jade Egg Trio


Unveil the secrets of pelvic floor empowerment with our Empress Nephrite Jade Eggs, now accompanied by a hardcopy of “The Jade Egg eBook” by Lara Eardley, all for A$169. This exclusive package blends the physical with the intellectual, offering three harmonising nephrite jade eggs alongside a treasure trove of knowledge in Lara’s seminal book on vaginal weightlifting. Perfect for enhancing pelvic strength and emotional well-being, this bundle is your comprehensive guide to revitalising your intimate health. Find your balance and awaken your inner empress at wellbelowthebelt.com.

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Elevate your holistic wellness journey with the Empress Nephrite Jade Egg Trio, complete with the exclusive hardcopy of “The Jade Egg eBook” by renowned Pelvic Floor Strength Instructor, Lara Eardley – all for A$169. This unique set offers not just three meticulously crafted nephrite jade eggs, renowned for balancing feminine Yang energy, but also a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of vaginal weightlifting. Each egg is designed to harmonise your Qi, revitalise your pelvic floor muscles, and enhance your emotional well-being. Lara’s pioneering wisdom, compiled in the accompanying book, provides transformative insights into pelvic health, empowering you to unlock inner vitality and confidence. Perfect for any stage of your pelvic wellness journey, this package is a testament to the symbiosis of ancient tradition and modern self-care practices. Start your path to a harmonised, vibrant self with the Empress Nephrite Jade Eggs, available at wellbelowthebelt.com.

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